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Welcome to Yros! We are a 3-2-3, play-by-post, alternate universe wolf roleplay with fantasy elements borrowed from familiar media. Our community is for members 21+ years old and cater to older writers with lax requirements that still allow you to be in the thick of the in-character fun! With a focus on story, development and character interactions our character creation is freeform and store-free. We're here to collaborate on a story together and members will be in charge of changing the world and storyline with their own hands. Chapters will be released to keep the plot interesting and driving forward, so there will never be lack of fun to be had!

Welcome Guest! Yros is currently in Beta Mode! This means time is static, systems are being tested, created and changed. What you see now may not reflect the version of Yros that will be released upon its grand opening. (June 14, 2023) x

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